Saturday, 10 January 2015

Pancakes make everything a little better!

Sadly one of the things I love doing rarely gets done.

I love cooking and writing about it and my life on my little blog.

When I signed in today, I saw it’s been about a year since I came in and sat down here and put pen/clicks to paper/blog.

Really sad for me…..

But it is pretty much a reflection of how busy life has been for about a year now and I think I would like it to slow down a little.

I had a really rough trot into the end of the year, with finding a dreaded lump in the old boob which turned into MANY biopsies even one on Christmas Eve. For anyone who has had to go through that, it’s just bloody horrible! It’s horrible finding something, sitting in waiting rooms, having the actual biopsies, more waiting and finally results! For me I am one lucky chook! Sadly for others in that waiting room it was not the same result. And the other horrible thing is I have to go back every six months to be checked again, which I hate! As I now have this timeline hanging over my head that I must adhere to!

I know I am super dooper lucky and should not be here complaining, but I am!

I have had that and a whole heap more going on and I am feeling all a bit sorry for myself at the moment.

But when I woke up today I just wanted a little time away from all the problems.

See Daughter E has been in Sydney for over a week with her grandparents, so I just have Baby O at home. And he likes to wake pretty early to start his marathon of cartoon watching. I thought let’s start the day with a good hearty, healthy-ish breakfast!

Pancakes it was!

I made a nice little platter of strawberries, blackberries, banana, shredded coconut and some goat’s yoghurt and of course some maple syrup!
Baby O had already stared on the Strawberries :)

Baby O and I smashed those bad boys and it really made everything a little better!

Pancakes, a nice cup of tea the sound of the rain tapping on the window and Dora the Explorer exploring in the background has made for a nice start to the day!


Pancake Recipe:

Crazy simple recipe which I’m sure I have written about before on my Facebook. This batch I made smaller just for the 2 of us…but it still made heaps!

Just remember its 1 cup of Self Raising Flour, 1 cup of Milk and 1 Egg!

All in a bowl and mix – THAT IS IT!

Cook in a pan with a little Coconut Oil or Butter, whatever you like.

You can double it to 2 of each for a bigger family and add whatever you want to the batter.

When I am missing Bali I add Banana straight into the batter, or grate up Apple…it really is endless.

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