Thursday, 14 March 2013


We are by no means a well off, wealthy family.

We earn just enough to make it through to the next pay day at the moment.

Seems I forgot that going back to work part time meant I lost most of my der!!!

Anyway, as we are originally from Adelaide we have a huge love for AFL and our home team Adelaide Crows.

Even though we live in the home state of AFL we never get to go. We use to take Daughter E but now with Baby O on the scene there is no way we would actually see the ball with the amount of entertaining he currently needs.

So we had been playing with the idea for the past 2 years to get Foxtel, (as most of our Crows games are not played on Free To Air TV). We decided seeing we don't have buckets of cash to blow on Fox we would have to get a real basic package just so we could watch some sport!

Well Hubby was really sick 2 weekends ago (it was his birthday weekend of all things!), so I decided while he was in bed sick I would go ahead and get us Foxtel.

The most basic of basic me!

When he was better I let him know and he seemed pretty happy I had bit the bullet.

So after a few attempts of failed installation we finally had it up and running.

The night it was installed we all sat around the remote and flicked away. What we did notice was that we had every channel. I thought seeing we were so nice to the guys who installed it maybe they hooked us up with some "extras".

So for the first few days we were watching everything I had every dreamed of watching....
Cake Boss
DC Cupcakes
Anthony Bourdain
30 Rock and the Kardashians (my guilty pleasure).
We were freaked out by Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers & Tiara's but none the less we had it all...

Daughter E & Baby O had Dora every morning and we could actually get ready for work without stress, crying and screaming.

But then just as it was here it was gone. 

Gone I tell you...did you hear me all gone!!!!!

Every good channel gone :(

So I am guessing that they do this to you so you have a mental breakdown and slight panic attack so you will call up and ask for every channel back.

Well played Fox, well played....

But no I wont fall for that (and cant due to the $$)

We have the sport channel and that's all we wanted (wipes a tear from eye).

So next weekend we will be happy in the comfort of our lounge room watching some footy finally!

Now on another note I mentioned on my Facebook page that I cooked an awesome meal the other night.

Well here it is...I was super inspired by Vegie Smugglers Salmon Piklets, but had to make some modifications to what I had in the house.

So I made Corn & Zucchini Piklets with Smoked Trout. It was rough measurements so please have a play with it and see what works for you.

1C of Wholemeal SR Flour - Sifted
3 Free Range Eggs
3/4C Soy Milk
1 Cob of Corn - cooked and cut off the cob
1 Zucchini - Grated and squeeze out excess liquid
1 Handful of Coriander - chopped up
S&P to taste
Rice Bran oil for shallow fry
1 Smoked Trout - take all the flesh off and keep aside.

I placed everything into a bowl and mixed away. If the mixture is too runny add some more flour is its too dry and another egg or some more milk.
Heat up a pan and add a couple tablespoons of oil to fry the pikelets. I just used a soup spoon and spooned the mixture into the hot pan. For the adults I used a couple spoon fulls.
Cook for about 1-2  minutes each side and drain on some paper towel.

Then just pop the pikelets onto a plate and top with some smoked trout. For the Adults I then poured over some sweet chilli, natural yogurt and big squeeze of lime.

I just wish I made more as the kids loved them and asked for them again the next night!

Super good any night of the week
Oh and check out these photo's....
Daughter E wanted to make her dad a Star Wars Cake for his 30th....With no time to plan that seeing she told me about an hour before we were going to cut this beautiful store bought mud cake, this is what she came up with.

Cute hey!?
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