Thursday, 7 March 2013

MIA but with good reason.

I know I have been very absent from my blog of late, but it is with good reason....

Well actually not good, pretty bad to be honest.

Baby O is still recovering from Pneumonia and is also being treated for Asthma (not diagnosed though).

It has been tough times...seriously never before tough.

And to be honest I'm over it!

I know it's not his fault and try not to get too angry around either of the kids, but I'm tired and stressed most of my days.

To make matters even worse this heat is killing me!

Summer you can now be gone!

So the simple home cooking has been a bit non exsitant too.

We have had many a roasted chook, done every way possible. And a lot of pasta with pesto!

But I am hoping after next week when this insane heat goes away (fingers crossed) I can get back into the swing again.

I did have the hankering for a Curry though the other week. And I saw a really good one on Good Chef, Bad Chef (Yes I have been watching even after I said never again when the dropped Janella Purcell).

So below is the link to the curry, it was pretty darn good. It is not a thick heavy, creamy curry, it is more soupy...well that's how mine turned out.

Sri Lankan Style Chicken Curry

Forgive the messy bowl...but it was so yum!

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