Thursday, 8 November 2012

So how was it?

It's Thursday morning and my working week is over.

Yep. Done!

I think I am going to like this 3 days a week thing....while it last's anyway.

I was really weird being back at work. There has been SO MANY changes. I have been at the business for over 9 years but felt like the new girl on Monday.

Change is good and I think I am going to fit in well with the new team.

What was/is hard is learning a totally new role and trying to get my head around it all.

My brain is a little fried.

So that was my first week back at work (even managed a public holiday)!

Yesterday was also the first day Daughter E went to before and after school care and Baby O went to childcare for the whole day.

Daughter E was just fine, I left a little earlier in the morning as I planned to spent 15 minutes with her. But she asked my to leave about 30 seconds after we walked in. So yes she was fine!

Baby O got dropped off by hubby, he said bubs was fine but he felt a little sad to walk away and just leave him there. I know that feeling oh so well. It is a little heartbreaking the first few times.

I have to leave work dead on 5pm to be able to collect them both by 6pm, as the centers shut and you get charged up the wazoo if your late.

I collected Daughter E first, again she was all good. So then we rushed over to pick up Baby O, now he was a different story.

You could tell he had been crying, puffy red eyes and lots of boogers. He was slumped on the floor when we walked in. He looked up and it was like he was dreaming, he didn't know if we were real or not, so it took him a moment. Then he burst into tears and could not crawl to me quick enough.


The girls in the room said he had been fine, but a little sad when he was getting tired. I beg to differ I think he had been sad all day and just wanted his mum.

He was very clingy last night and even today.

I am not looking forward to Monday drop off...might get hubby to do it!

As for dinner last night I managed to grill some chicken and cook some sweet potato and peas! How boring!!

I have to get this menu plan in place...stay tuned.

This was just befoer he left for his first day in care. So Happy!

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