Thursday, 1 November 2012

The party is over, time to go back to work!

So it's official....

I signed the contract and am heading back to work, on Monday!!!

A few weeks earlier than expected but I got myself a new Part Time role that is going to be amazing.

Amazing for 2 reasons:

1. The role is what I have been wanting to do for ages.
2. It gives me great work life balance for a year, which I think I will need before going back full time.

So happy days for me!

The only downside to this is I have done myself out of a cleaner. The deal was, when I went back full time I was going to get a cleaner in to help out. But now sadly its still me!

I had a really emotional day yesterday, I cried A LOT. It was tears of joy and sadness and I think a little bit of fear.

I am going to miss being home with Baby O and miss doing the school run (madness to say I know!) and miss cooking. I have been able to cook heaps this past year.

I know once I get into the swing of it I will be fine. And I know the kids will be just fine too.

So Jamie's 15 Minute Meals has come at a great time for me. I have been even thinking about doing a meal planner for the week nights. And his food will be going on it for sure!

I said on my Facebook, I don't care if it takes longer than 15 minutes, his food is just great, healthy and wholesome. So if it take's me 30 or even 40 min that's pretty good in my book.

So I did the Asian Beef with Salad last night. What I love about this is how simple, that should be with a capital S, and how you can just throw together anything you have in your fridge to make the salad. Oh and don't get me started on flavour...OMG! It was just soooo good!

I don't have the recipe book, so I had to remember what he did on the TV..Easy enough though.

Asian Beef with Salad
1 Steak - I used a Scotch fillet (cos there was one in my fridge)
A heap of Chinese 5 Spice
Olive Oil

1/4 Chinese Cabbage - Shredded
1/4 Red Cabbage - Shredded
1 Lge Spring Onion - Thinly sliced
1 Carrot - Grated
Big handful of Vietnamese Mint - From the garden
Big handful of nuts - Blitzed in the mini food processor

2Tbls Vinegar
2Tbls Sugar
4-5Tbs Olive Oil
1-2Tsp Soy

Now I did the salad in about 5 minutes, its was a matter of shredding and slicing and putting on a platter.
I then put the steak on my board, covered it in olive oil and liberally covered in the Chinese 5 spice. I cooked that on my griddle pan, turning every minute or so till med/rare.
The for the dressing I got out a old jar with a lid put everything in and shook like crazy.
Once the steak had rested, I sliced it up and added to the salad platter and gave the dressing another mad shake and poured away. Gave it all a toss and it was done.

Seriously amazing!

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