Friday, 30 November 2012

Forgetting to have fun!

Last weekend our workplace had its Family Christmas Party. Now hubby & I work for the same but at different sites, so we are lucky enough to get a Christmas party each – which we thought was pretty good!

But this year we found out about the Family Christmas Party and man is it good!

I love a work show, but since having kids I tend to try and stay nice cos I know the kids will still be there the next day and with a hangover its no fun at all. Which I am sure MANY of you know already :)

So off we trot to this day where we didn’t know really what to expect. It was at Moonee Valley racecourse and the flyer had some pretty cool rides and stuff on it. 

As we walk through the front we see the crazy ride in the photo below.

At this point hubby and I look at each other and say how happy we are that Daughter E is not up for that stuff…yet!

We continue through the amazing set up and to the Kiddy Ride’s and threw E straight on one!
Hubby turned to me and said she looked sad and I honestly thought she looked bored.

Not loving it?
Totally bored
She jumped off and wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel – cool with us as we could all do that as a family.

As we walked down to the Ferris Wheel we went past all the rides you would see at the show. Well as soon as she saw them that were it! She was it she was pointing like a mad person. She wanted to go on everything!!!

We both thought she was a bit young (she is only 6 remember) but she met the height requirement to ride with an adult. 

So we headed to the first ride and I was kinda hoping she would back out last minute as I was the one having to go on it with her! Hubby has a very sensitive tummy and said he was not up for spinning around…..
Ride No.1...its gonna be along day!

No backing out! She was on the ride like a flash and loved it. 

Laughing and screaming.

Woo Hooing and even throwing her little hands in the air.

Meanwhile I am trying to hold on to her, trying to wedge my body in that bloody carriage so I didn’t move and yelling at E to put her hands down!

Must have been a sight!

After that ride she was off running to the next. 

It wasn’t till about the 3rd ride I found that I was actually enjoying myself on theses rides too. I haven’t done anything like this in years!

It was great to be able to laugh, scream and just have fun!

Finally we talked Hubby into going on 1 ride with E, it was so funny. Pic of the ride is below! Hubby was saying even before it had finished E was saying she was going on it again, this time with me!

Hubby and Emelia are up there!
This was the last ride of the day and the funniest; you can’t see E but I am there in full stupid face, laughing glory. The guy a couple up from me was making me laugh so hard with his comments, it was just the funniest thing ever.
That mong in the back row with sunnies on is me!

I think I had forgotten what it is like to just have fun! Looking silly and all!

Orbie seemed to enjoy the day too!
Loved this activity. Wish I had this at home.
Orbie meeting Freddo and Caramello Koala. Ended in tears!
So dinner that night was the most simple ever! And most of it came out of packets, but it was simple and tasty.

Some BBQ Pork Bun that went in the steamer, following by Salt & Pepper Squid Salad….

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