Friday, 8 February 2013

Living in the land of the lost

Over the past few weeks thing's have been mental!

We got through the Christmas School holidays..just!

We had many nights of little to no sleep.

We had 2 VERY tired kids...and 2 VERY grumpy parents!

We had a dreadfully sick little man and a daughter feeling a bit unloved!

We have had very little good food, due to all of the above!

So now I am hoping we have turned a corner and we can get back on track. 

Below is a story of a spanner that was thrown in our works last week:

After 7 weeks of a sick little man I decided to see another Dr as the first one didn't really do much.

Baby O had been coughing all night for about 7 weeks upon our change of Dr's and I basically told him there is something not right and we need some help.

Dr was great he sent us straight off for a chest X Ray. That was on a Friday....on the Monday I came out of a meeting to have a message on my work phone to call the Dr back ASAP.

So this is when the initial panic set in. I called the Dr back he asked me to get my husband and go the see him straight away.

By the time my husband and I got to the Dr we were both a mess...crying the works!!!

Finally we go in and get told the Baby O has Pneumonia.

We didn't know if that was good news or not...but would take it as we had something more horrible in our heads!

So now we are on some hardcore antibiotics to help get rid of saying that we are back to the Dr today to get new meds and he cant take the one we were given.

So I really have been living in the land of the lost. I feel like I have been a walking zombie for the better part of those 7 weeks. 

It really put hubby and I to the test...again!!! And poor Daughter E was unintentionally put on the back burner while we just tried to make it through a day.

Back on the up and up now (fingers crossed).

Daughter E has started Grade 1 and is so super proud that she can walk herself to school.

Baby O has started walking or should I say running around.

And hubby and I are still just trying to make it through each day!

Ah the joys of it all..... are some pic's from the last few weeks!

Sibling love
Some park time
Flying Fox time!
First day of Grade 1
Baby O trying to get in to Daughter E's room
He waits patiently
My Australia Day looks like the map doesn't it!?

This is what my street looked like for the past 3 weeks!
Busted out a Veg Lasagne one night!

Crumbed A LOT of Flathead
But it was delish!

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