Sunday, 13 January 2013

Date Night was a bit of a fail. BUT A for effort!

My in laws have just left with our Daughter after staying with us for the past few days.

They have taken Daughter E back to Adelaide then off to Port Elliot for the week.

Ahhh. Bliss for mum and dad for the next few days.

So last night the in laws offered to babysit while we had a night off! Ahhh..Bliss again..double score.

Hubby was in charge of booking us in at Gold Class.

I did remind him for the last few days that he will need to call ahead and book us in.

But it got to lunchtime yesterday when he started his calls and everything was full for what we wanted to see.

When he broke the news to me I wasn't too fussed. I would of been happy to spend the last night with Daughter E on the couch before she left us for a week. PLUS we are dead broke till pay day and we didn't have cash to splash around at a fancy restaurant.

But he said we don't have this opportunity often so he was going to arrange something.

I started to worry a little.

By dinner time he started doing shifty little things and loading the car up with bits and pieces.

After dinner he stuffed me in the car while I was asking a million question's about what the hell was going on.
Talk about not being able to be wooed....

So he whacked an address in the GPS and away we went.

About 40 minutes later we arrived at Kangaroo Ground.

He had arranged what he called a "Night Picnic" at this amazing lookout point.

He had a big rug, our big pillows off our bed, a candle (probably not so great with all the bush fires we are having), a big box of Krispy Kreme and then a bottle of veuve clicquot!!!!

Well played mister well played!!!

Anyway, we have a walk around, go all the way to the top of the lookout, we got asked by another couple if we had any weed and then set up our little picnic to watch the sun set.

It was truly lovely. And I had nothing to do with it.

So we enjoyed the sunset and were having a nice chat when a lady yelled out she was shutting the gate in 15 minutes and we all needed to leave.

What a pain...we hadn't even popped the bubbles yet!

So we packed up our little camp and drove out in search of somewhere else to go.

Just over an hour later and a near miss with an actual Kangaroo we called it and headed home.

It was lets say a very interesting Date Night. At least we have an awesome bottle of bubbly on hand though for next time.

Please let me now if you have had any failed attempts of date night also. Would LOVE to hear them!

Beautiful Melbourne

Amazing views!


Kangaroo Ground

Did I mention the views!

Evil in a box.

At the top of the lookout!

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