Thursday, 17 May 2012

Comfort food, but on the lighter side.

As you know we only have really one “Red Meat” meal a week over at our place. It’s funny how my husband hasn’t even really noticed, or hasn’t complained about it. Maybe it’s because the food replacing the “Red Meat” is just so tasty and satisfying!?

I do like a nice slow cooked bit of lamb with veg. It really is that gorgeous winter comfort food that just makes the family happy and the house all warm and fuzzy. And I really love how that one cook up can do a few different meals. I tend to make a pie the night after or use do up a few lunches for the main man.

But I do always feel a bit heavy and slow after a slow cooked meal, so I wanted to try a few different meals that could fall under our winter comfort food.

So today this recipe is one I have now done on many mid week nights. The first time I cooked it I couldn’t believe just how good it was, so I just kept going night after night making it.

The family loved it so I thought this is going to be a permanent on the winter menu. It is also light enough that it can go all year round if you really wanted too.

So this amazing dish is a combination of chicken, chickpeas, garlic, and ginger in a beautiful “Moroccan” sauce with peas (if you like) and a zesty hit of lemon.

It is basically a one pot wonder (I cook the chicken separate), and we love a one pot right? 

While the dish looks a bit heavy and chunky it is surprisingly not. I think it is the hit of lemon at the end and I also put a dollop of Greek yogurt on top which cuts through the sauce.

I have served it with Organic Brown Rice, but last night I used some left over pre cooked couscous and quinoa. I just mixed the 2 together and added in a huge bunch of mint and parsley that had been finely cut up.

And it was amazing!

I have one other dish on my HIGH rotation at the moment – but will save that for a later time.

One word though to get you through to my next blog; Dumplings!

So I hope you give this a go and enjoy it as much as we are.

Chicken & Chickpea “The one pot wonder of winter”

500g Organic Chicken Thighs
1 Onion
1 Big Clove of Garlic
1 Thumb size piece of Ginger
1 x 400g Can of Organic Chickpeas (drained & rinsed)
1 x 400g Can of Organic diced Tomato’s
1Tbs Turmeric
1Tbs Cumin
1 Cup of Stock – Chicken or Veg
½ Cup of Organic Frozen Peas
Zest and juice of ½ a Lemon
S&P to your liking
2Tsb Oil – I use Rice Bran Oil

To a deep pan add your oil. Have on a medium flame; we don’t want anything to burn!
Dice up your chicken and add to the pan and brown off, once done remove to a plate.
Give your pan a good wipe out with some paper towel and add another Tablespoon of oil (still on a medium flame).
Slice up your onion to a medium dice add to your pan and sauté, once soft add in your garlic and ginger.
Now add in your spices and cook off for a minute or two – if the pan is getting too dry add a little of your stock.
Now toss the chicken back in and add your chickpeas, can tomato’s and stock.
Simmer this for about 20 minutes or till Chicken is cooked all the way through.
*If your sauce is reducing too much just add some more stock. You can make this as soupy as you like really! 
Once Chicken is cooked add in your peas and keep on a low heat just till they have reheated in the pan. Now zest your lemon over the top and add in the juice.

You’re ready to serve!

Enjoy with rice, couscous or even some small pasta. Add a big dollop of yogurt and away you go!

Let me know what you think? Or what you added to make it even more delicious.

**Oops - forgot to tell you this serves 4 mains. I sometimes even have enough leftover for a lunch the next day**

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