Friday, 24 August 2012

50 Shades of WHATEVER!

Last week I was doing a nice leisurely shop for last minute things before we head home to Adelaide for a few days.

Baby O was sleeping soundly as I cruised around and it was actually nice to be able to stop, pick up items and look at them properly. There was no crying baby, no 6 year old hurrying me up to head down to the toys or god forbid the Donut Place.

So I got what I had to get, then thought seeing this trip is going so well I should scoot past the Books and see what is out and maybe pick one up. Then I could add it to the collection on my bedside table.

Well I didn't get right into the book aisle in lovely Big W as there were about 3 deep around the end of 50 Shades of Grey. Now I found it very odd that these were mum and daughter couples arm in arm giggling and saying things like "god dad wouldn't be up for that" or "mum Peter will be thanking me later for reading this".

I have now spoken to heaps of friends and family about this book and seriously everyone I have spoken with is or has read this book. It was the book club pick for one of the mum's I spoke with at school and they even went as far as all doing a sketch of "Christian" to see what everyone thought he would look like...Geez!

Am I the only one left on the planet who does not care about this book at all?

I am not open about sex, I don't like to talk about my sex life with groups of people, I'm not a dirty talker (much to the disappointment of my hubby) and I'm not into reading this so called "Mummy Porn". Sorry just not me!

NOW, one book that I did actually read only a couple weeks ago was Bossypants by Tine Fey.

OMG!!! Yes I'm using OMG...this book was brilliant. I love Tina to bits and wished I had of picked it up sooner.

If your a fan of Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock (I'm a huge fan) or any of her movies you will seriously love this book also.

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