Thursday, 30 August 2012

Trips home are becoming very different

We recently went back home to Adelaide to celebrate my big sister's 40th Birthday.

It was an 80's theme, this is us! I said later "the 80's were not kind to any of us!"
Me on the left, big sister on the right
We dont have our parents in our life and we have had to be a huge support for one anther over the years beacuse of this. And I think we have had done pretty well.

As you may know Hubby & I packed up and moved our family to Melbourne to pursue careers with our company. It has been tough the past 4 years but we have so far survived. But not having ANY family here at all has been really hard and also sad. I am alot closer to my family than my hubby is with his, so I guess he finds it hard to understand.

So back to my sister's birthday, she had a huge party and lots of people. There were many of my Dad's family there that my sister has kept in touch with and also our "adopted like" family that I have stayed in close contact with. But there was a few times during the night I found my daughter and I just standing by ourselves with really no one to turn to and talk with. I felt really sad, not just beacsue my family is very disjointed but I felt sad that my daughter was in a room with cousins, aunties and uncles that she had only met for the first time that night and probably will never see again. I thats not what family is meant to be about.

I know I cant change what happen with my family, but I am going to make sure I keep my little family as close as possible and always in contact with one another.

The other thing that really got to me that night was the lack of friends I have. My sister has so many frineds, she is the kind of person that walks into a room not knowing anyone and leaves with a whole new group of people in her life. Wonderful stuff! For some reason I just cant do that and dont have what she has.

Now I dont want to play the violin too loud just yet! I do have friends but again the few good ones I have are back home and we hardly see each other anymore. And now as we get older we are all going our different ways, moving or tracvelling, etc. So just made me a little sad to reflect on my life and what it has become since moving away.

I bet you are thinking - Just move back home!?

That is also now a hard thing to do. Daughter E has started school now and has made some really good freinds, we have a house that we need to fix up big time and we want to earn some decent money to help our kids get off to a good start. And some of my friends are about to move overseas/interstate and I would not be seeing them anyway.


I dont have any answers, but I dont have many questions either.

I think this is just life, it is what it is and everyone grows up and on I guess.

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