Thursday, 9 August 2012

Oh for the love of Chicken!

Of late I have been cooking 2 dinners each night to work in with me trying to loose some baby weight.

It has proven to be a massive pain the ass to do this - cooking 2 meals that is.

My "meal plan" calls for either Fish or Chicken which is great as I love both. Fish more so than chook usually.

The rest of the family are not too keen for fish. My darling daughter picks and chooses when she is "allergic" to it. But can polish off a fillet of Salmon no worries.

So chicken has been on the menu a lot! But we have all been loving it!

You might have seen over on my Facebook page some Chicken Wraps I did a little while back. Well they have been on the mid week dinner menu. Along with a tandoori spiced chook with roasted veg. I took all the skin off my piece of chicken, below is a photo of my hubby's plate. The veg was Beetroot, fennel, potato, carrot and spinach...YUM! Some dishes have been poached chicken in Asian broth and grilled chicken with some steamed greens. Again YUM for me.

But today I cooked something a bit more naughty, I am going to have to run extra far to work off this meal. I have done Deviled Chicken Wings.

If your in your thirties or older your mum may of had this in her repertoire. Its a chassis dish of stick wings that taste like the sauce from another old school meal - Meatloaf!

Now the reason I made these is because my hubby saw on Master chef Matt Preston do sticky chicken wings. But he used a can of Coke! I think gross, tooth decay and sugar overload. So was not going to be making them that way for my boy!

I tried to remember what was in the sauce this is what I came up with.

Deviled Wings

1 Can Chopped Tomatoes
2Tbs Soy Sauce
3Tbs Kecup Manis
2 Cloves of Garlic Crushed
2Tbs Tomato Sauce

I put all this in a small pot and bought to the boil. Then put the stick blender in there to make it a smooth sauce.

Easy hey!

I think the best thing about this is Chicken Wings are $2.99 a kilo where I get them from. So 1kg does our family easy. Such a cheap meal! I did chop the wings into 3 pieces, so you end up with what seems 100 wings.
This is before the oven

Now to cook them I put the wings into a baking tray and poured over the sauce. Then into an oven of about 160, covered with foil for about 45min. I then took the foil off and cooked for another 45min, turning every now and then.

After the oven
This is NOT in my meal plan at all, but I couldn't resist.

Serve with some rice and a napkin for the sticky fingers.


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