Thursday, 9 August 2012

C'mon Aussie's, C'mon

Like most of you we have been watching the Olympics flat out.

At my daughters school they had a launch day and really got behind making this a big event for the kids. I'm sure most schools would be doing something along the same lines, but this is our first year so we are all a bit excited!

So my little one was happy to don the Green & Gold and really get into the spirit of it all.

Not a fan of the flash on the camera.
She was that excited that she made sure that my phone alarm was set for 5.30am for the opening ceremony.


So there we all were bleary eyed and up watching the opening ceremony. Which I thought was really good!

I got into the spirit of it by making up some Green & Gold pancakes for the family! I did have a photo but it got deleted by accident :( It was very creative of me!

What I have found these game though is the really harsh comments and disappointment that is coming out of commentary team and even some athletes.

I am not a sports person at all so I cant understand how winning silver or bronze would be so disappointing. But really guys lighten up! You're the best in your field in your country - that's why your at the Olympics!!!

We the public watching think you're just ace and take our hats off to you.

On the other hand I don't take my hat off to the Channel 9 Swimming commentator's. I have vented a couple times on Facebook about this so I wont be so harsh here today, BUT...they were probably the worst I have have even seen and heard. To be honest the whole coverage on 9 has been a let down. I had to ask my hubby what channel even had the games as there was no hype into the lead up, no major countdown, nothing. I guess that was the first sign of what was to come.

I was at a friends place last weekend and they have Foxtel...OMG what a difference. We watched some trampolining (my daughter loved!!) and had so many choices of what to watch!

Guess that is the way of the world now, you have to pay for a decent service.

Well I am not sad about the lack of "gold" our athletes are bringing home. They are just great examples to show you're kids of what hard work can get you. And I don't believe you always have to have the top prize to be tops!

On another note I am devo that Being Lara Bingle has now finished...honestly liking that show. You can hate me now if you like!

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