Sunday, 28 October 2012

And just like that, his manhood was gone.

Living with only one car for a year has actually been very easy for us. Which I am a little surprised about.

But we have just made it work!

There have been a few times when the weather has been crap so I haven't been able to walk to the shops, so lovely hubby gets a shopping list emailed to him.

Last week one of these times occurred and there was one item I had never asked my hubby to buy for me.

Yes you guessed it....tampons!

I even highlighted in my email that I was sure where he sat with purchasing female hygiene products and if he wasn't comfortable then I could go once he got home.

Even though I think that would be stupid, I really didn't know how he felt about it so though it better to ask.

I didn't hear back from my email at all.

I did get a text when he was at the shops, it had all the things I had asked for minus one thing. He asked is this I pushed the envelope and said what about my "lady product"?

He replied "what brand?" I gave him the info and said I can call you when in the section if you like.....

No reply....

When he got home a little later he unpacked all the bags, put the tampons on the bench and claimed "My manhood is gone!"

A little dramatic don't you think :)

I believe I let out a big witchy laugh, said thanks and went about my business.

He then went out to his music room and played guitar REALLY loud for about an hour!

Maybe he got his manhood back after that...who knows!

Has this happened to you? Have you made your man loose his manhood?

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