Sunday, 6 January 2013

With all good intentions.

One of the main things we miss from Adelaide is having a good beach at our door step. 

We lived across the road from the beach and probably didnt realise just how good we had it!

I decided since our return from Adelaide at Christmas that I would make more of an effort to get our family back to the beach for swims and sand castle fun during this summer in Melbourne.

So yesterday was the day we were going to explore Torquay!

It is about an hours drive from us but I had heard good things about this beach so I didn't mind the drive at all.

Now Baby O is teething like a MOFO at the moment and Saturday night bought us very little sleep. And to add to that it was 40C most of the day/night. JOY!

There were a few signs in the morning that made me think this day isn't going to go to plan.

We were all walking around like zombies from the lack of sleep.
The screaming baby.
The daughter who was glued to cartoons and not wanting to put her bathers on.
And my favourite the husband who was now grumpy because he strolled into the bathroom while I was trying to have a shower and asked for sex. When his request was denied we had a grumpy hubby on our hands for the entire day!

So the drive out to Torquay was great; baby still screaming and no one talking.

When we arrived we things got a little better. We set up camp and headed for the water.

Daughter E had he second go at snorkeling and really enjoyed it. there was heaps for her to see too and not that far out.
Baby O cheered up a bit too when he got in the water, made a few sandcastles and ate a lot of sand. I think he enjoys that the most actually.
Hubby & I barely talking.

I liked Torquay and would like to go back when it's not so windy. But I still want to try out as many beaches as possible this summer to see if we have anything here that stacks up to the Adelaide beaches.

So after a few hours of beach side action we packed up and headed home.

When we got home we were all starving, so we knocked up some BLT's (while not speaking). But Daughter E has decided again she is vegetarian so she requested hot chips. Which we did, and I promised her I would make her a pasta for dinner a little later.

Hubby had his volunteering last night so left before dinner time. As soon as he walked out the door Baby O started his night time routine of screaming, so we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. By the time we got back it was bed time for all of us. But at 10pm last night I realised that Daughter E had only had hot chips for "dinner" and I forgot to make her a pasta...oops!! She seemed to survive!

Overall my attempt to have a day at the beach with the family and have fun is sitting at about a 6 out of 10. Better luck to me next week hey! 

Oh and hows the situation with hubby you ask???
Hubby is still fast asleep so we still haven't spoken!
Sand eater!!!
Emelia having a rest.
Every time Emelia gets out the ocean she rolls in the sand like a dog. Don't know how she does it!
Happy times!

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