Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Happy Father's Day...here are the kids!

I always like getting up and cooking a fancy breakfast for my boy. Getting little Miss E to take it in like she cooked it and then unleash all the presents.

And that was the plan for this Father's Day.

The seeing the weather was going to be amazing, we would all go out for a play at the park, feed some ducks and then come home rest up for our special dinner outing.

Only 1 of the above happened...well kinda.

I managed to quickly bang out a Egg and Bacon roll and that's about it!

I woke up Sunday so incredibly ill, I though hospital might be on the cards.

It was like I had Bali Belly mixed in with the start of the Flu.

So poor hubby got given the kids at about 8.30am and I didn't raise my head again till 6.00pm. Just as they were about to go out for there special dinner.

My hubby happens to be a fantastic Dad, the kids adore him and for some reason he has a worlds amount of patience (well most days, much more than me anyway). Even though it was his special day, he took the kids out the house the entire day and then braved dinner by himself.

He did message me saying he thinks everyone thinks its his access weekend to his kids. Which made him a bit sad. But I said "let them judge, you know the truth".

So belated Happy Father's Day hubby!!! I will make it up to you next year.

I was going to do something a bit special tonight as I'm feeling a bit better, but he is cooking for the families at Ronald McDonald House tonight. What a guy!!! And Dad!

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