Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Choose your own adventure

I really enjoy doing DIY meals.
The kids also love it. I guess they feel a little bit special making their own plate of dinner up and also making their own combination of flavours up.

Mexican is a great one for this. Just cut all the fillings up put on a platter and away you go!

Even a simple chicken and veg meal can be done kind of the same way where the little ones can just take what they want from a center plate.

So we have all been under the weather in our house. I think I am on the mend…finally!

With such an icky house I didn’t really feel like cooking much over the weekend. But I had no inspiration either, so I asked my daughter what she felt like and hoped it was something easy.

Her answer was Sushi!

I thought that the hubby wouldn’t be too thrilled with that, but he was in no state to cook either so sushi it was.

We have never had sushi for dinner so I wanted to do something a little bit different with it.

After a quick brainstorm – Saturday Night DIY Sushi was invented!

It actually turned out better than I thought. Hubby & daughter were impressed and even said they would like it again.

I just cut up some carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, lettuce, cooked off some prawns and Char Sui Chicken, opened a can of flavoured tuna and cooked up some Sushi rice.

It may sound like a bit of work but it really wasn’t at all!

I cut up the Nori sheets into quarters to make them more of a finger food and that way you can try lots of toppings. We just placed the toppings in the middle and rolled up like an ice cream cone.

Hopefully the photo’s do it some justice.

I think I ate about 10 in the end…yum..yum!

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