Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How's the healthy eating going?

I have been a little bit impressed with the last few days, even though I am still under the weather I have managed to cook some healthy meals and pack a half decent lunch box.

So Sunday night was Roast Chook night, I did cheat a little by using Chicken Chops. They are just a great size and the skin crisps up really well. I pan fried them skin side down for about 6mins, other side about the same then put them on the roasting tray (veg underneath) and cooked for about 30-40min.Family were very happy - even got big kudos for my gravy! Thanks guys!

Then Monday came around pretty quick. Seeing I was at the school most of the day I really wanted to do something quick and easy but still full of veg. My daughter just had a fundraiser at the school where they could buy these gourmet pie's so she wanted one of them. Fine by me I just popped that in the oven for 15min and then gave her all the veg I out in our dish.

So hubby and I had a really quick pasta dish - Chorizo, Spanish onion, Red Peppers, Peas, Garlic and oil. I served it with a bit of Afghan Garlic Bread (naughty but so nice).
As you know I always use wholemeal pasta and this just taste great with that. I must say though there is one dish I cant do wholemeal pasta with and that's Marinara, I don't know what it is but I'm just not a huge fan. Oh well.

If you are wanting to try and convert over to wholemeal but are a little bit worried try doing a half and half mix. Just cook half wholemeal first as it takes a little bit longer then throw in your normal pasta. I found that worked with my family. Now they are just use to it.

So whats on for tonight's healthy dinner you ask?

Nothing to crazy - Chicken wraps.

I think the brand is Misson not sure but they do a spinach tortilla and it is really good - probably not that good for you but its bright green and the kids love it! So more get's eaten and I'm happy with that!

Just as a side note - has anyone tried these drinks?

We noticed them only last week in our local shop and bought a couple. My daughter love's them and I was really happy to see no added sugar and not made from concentrate.

I googled them today and saw a fair few mum's have said they taste like nothing and not really big fan's, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts?

They are a hit at our place.

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