Friday, 29 June 2012

Pizza, Wine and Lara Bingle

I was uber inspired by my friend Dee and her pizza making she did the other week, so thought I better give it a go.

I have done home made pizza before and I must say I'm pretty good at whipping up a pizza muffin for the kiddies. But it has been a very long time.

So off I went to the shop to buy some yeast, seeing this isn't a pantry staple for me. I picked one up, got it all the way home and then got it out to make some dough and couldn't be bothered with mixing it, waiting for it to activate, resting the dough, blah, blah, blah.

So I thought maybe a simple flat bread recipe would work just fine.

In short it did.

Flat Bread
1 1/4C Sifted Plain Flour (used wholemeal)
1tsp Salt
2Tbs Oil (used Rice Bran Oil)
2/3C Hot Water

Put sifter flour and salt into a bowl. Make a well and add your oil and water. With a knife bring together. Then on a floured bench knead dough for about 3 min. then cut into 2 balls and rest covered for 30min. Roll out and either cook under a grill or of actually using for small flat breads cook in an oiled fry pan.

I am extremely anal about having a hard crust bottom to my pizza. So I think what I did was a little over board but the pizza was super great.

Once I had rolled the flat breads out to cover my baking tray, I oil it and then put it under the grill. I then pulled it out flipped it and then added the toppings.

Crazy yes. Worth it hell yes!

I whipped up 4 pizza's in the end (so did 2 batches of dough). I was surprised that hubby and daughter said it was the best they have had in a long time.* Insert big happy mummy smile here

Our pizza of choice was a simple Ham and Pineapple - daughter requested and Tandoori Chicken.

I know you know how to whip up a Hawaiian but fi your unsure about the Tandoori this is what I did.

Cut up 2 chicken thighs (only chook I had) into small pieces and out in a bowl, then used a tablespoon of store bought Tandoori paste and a heaped teaspoon of greek yogurt and mixed all together. Cook in a pan and set aside.I then cut up 1/2 a red capsicum and fried off in a pan.

So after I rolled out the dough and did my anal one side grill. I spread on a layer of leggos pizza sauce and added the chicken, caps and a heap of grated mozzarella. It then went under the grill for about 3-5min. Once out I topped with baby spinach and more Greek yogurt.


So then it was on to having a glass of wine.

I have not had a glass in almost 3 weeks as I have been sick with this virus that is in everyone's houses at the moment.

So I had a glass and it was great!

I had been to the bottle shop today and got a few nice bottles for the school holidays (I know I will need it). My new favourite is Mr Mick Rose it's from the Claire Valley - simply delish! I recently tried Rodger's and Rufus Rose and am in love with that also, but cant find it anywhere to buy. So if you know of a place PLEASE let me know.

So what's with the Lara Bingle you ask?

Well when I saw the ad's for her show I told my friends I WILL get sucked into watching it. And I have and am hating myself for it!

Why of why do I watch. It's like a car accident - you just cant look away. Sad but so true.

Oh Well..hats off to you Ms Bingle you have sucked my in. See you next week.

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