Friday, 13 July 2012

Home safe and sound...with a bag of fish!

After 5 long days I have my darling little girl back home from her mini trip down to Apollo Bay with the grandparents.

You may have seen on my facebook page the cute gift she bought me.

She ALWAYS come's home with gift's for the family. Very thoughtful for a 5 & 1/2 year old I think.

The last couple times she has been away she has been very sad for mum and has wanted to call a lot more often. I guess that's what happens as they get older. I did find it interesting that she wanted to take a photo of a Jeep (yes the car) that Jeep sent me after I entered a competition to win one. She said it would help her not be so sad.

Today when we were having a big cuddle she said she cried a couple times for me when she was having a shower (gulp, hold back tears mum) and then one time when she looked at the Jeep photo (again, look up mum and don't cry).

This made me feel that I AM a very special person in her life right now, and god knows that one day she may not even want to look at me. So I have to hold her a little tighter when she wants a cuddle and not get upset when she wants me to play schools again for the 5th time in a day!

You get what I'm saying.

My hubby tell's me I'm a great mum all the time and I do actually try really hard as I had a not so great childhood and relationship with my mum. I know from that if you don't give your children any time, love or affection they in return don't love you. A cuddle or simply telling them you love them means the world and spending time with them doing whatever games they want is pretty much all they want.

So after lots of cuddles and even a few hours sleep in mum and dads bed I asked her the highlights of her trip.

1. Forest walks
2. Seeing Whales

Now I am very jealous of No.2 as I have never seen a whale, my hubby even took me to Hawaii and we didn't see one!

So I think my own backyard will be a better option next time.

Here are some photo's from her trip she said she would be happy for me to share with you all.
Forest walking

Forest walking via the waterfall


One last treat she bought home was some fish. So tonight I will cook up her fish and do some veg and get her all healthy ready for school next week.

Its funny after your kids are away you feel the need to give them a good home cooked meal, even though she pretty much had that in the camper van.

Pan fried Trout with an orange yogurt dressing with hasselback potato's (with my new herbs) and grilled zucchini with feta

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