Wednesday, 11 July 2012

School holidays are not just for the kids!

As a few of you may know I am currently on maternity leave, I had a company car which had to go back during my time off so we decided to live with just the 1 car for a year.

So far so good.

My hubby invested in one of those old school looking bikes that all the cool kids are getting around Melbourne on. So he rides to work at least 1 day a week.

The first week of the school holidays my hubby had to go a bit of driving around Melb for work so we didn't have the car. Not a huge drama as we can walk about 20 min and be at the local town center.

I asked my daughter if there was anything in particular she wanted to do this break, no real surprises - go see Ice Age 4 and Brave and a trip to the library.


So without a car we walked a lot in week one to do the following:

A 3 hour visit to the library, which also happened to be running a Life Be In It morning (which she refused to participate in), in trial run of birthday cake making (you can find here) and a trip to the movies to see Ice Age 4.

The trip to the movies was interesting as we had 6 month old bubs with us. He has never been to the movies before so i didn't know what to expect.

If anyone is planning on doing this it really wasnt all that hard. I asked the guy at the counter to have seats on an aisle, we parked his pusher up the back of the cinema, I took a heap of toys that didnt make a lot of noise and as he is teething lots of things to chew on.

He was great! He actually watched a lot of the movie and if he did make any happy baby noises the sheer volume the movie was playing at drowned him out.
He was very "where are we and did our TV get BIG or what!"

So tick. tick for baby at the cinema...well this time!

Little angels...well that day they were :)
The rest of week one was general food shopping and trying to clean out the old summer clothes from the over filled draws in my daughters room. Nothing too crazy... we need some down days on holidays too.

Then the weekend came and it was my turn. I did feel a little guilty as I have been a way a lot this year on mummy only weekends. But we have to do it when the opportunity arises...right?

My friend spoiled me to death with a weekend away at Peppers Moonah Links, the place was stunning! Then on the Sunday we headed to Rye for breakfast before doing a few well deserved hours at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

After a drama with my car on the Sunday afternoon I headed home to the family. Which I had actually missed.

I came home to spend an hour with my daughter before she was off with the Grandparents in the camper van for a few days.

So my little angel has been away since Sunday, she has called me each day at lunchtime and then called her dad each day at dinner time. She has seen Whales and Birds and has a lot to tell us each call. Very cute!

With her coming home either today or tomorrow I feel I need to get the wholesome cooking happening before she returns to school.

I should probably dig out her uniforms form the bottom of her wash basket and empty her school bag!

Hope you are all having great holidays too.

Feel free to share any of your stories!

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