Sunday, 1 July 2012

What to do on a rainy day!

Today started out freezing and wet and it didn't get any better.

The bitter, icy cold wind met me at 9.00am when I went out to do some grocery shopping while the family stayed cuddle up, warm and I think in bed!

It was nice to get out early and get somethings done though.

After I had packed away all the shopping I knew I had to entertain 2 kids pretty much all day inside.

What to do, what to do?

God the holidays haven't even officially started yet and I'm already on holiday entertaining duties.

First thing requested was "paint the nails". You're not allowed to have them painted at school so during the break they are every colour we can find.

Second thing I "thought" we could do is walk the 500m up the road to the post box to mail a letter. This letter had to go today or we wouldn't get our $5 discount of a after school activity. C'mon times are tough $5 is $5!

So I looked out the window saw a break in the rain and bundled up the kids, only to get outside to it bucketing down....again!

Back inside we go.

After about an hour of Little Things on the iPad we need a more active game. So I remembered I pinned something the other day that looked easy and fun. So we did that.

It was as easy as finding an old icy pole box, the tube from the paper towel and 6 plastic plates that I cut the middle out of and then stapled 2 together (to give it some weight - 1 plate was too light)

I'm sure this game has an official name - I called it Hoopla but my daughter called it Scoring Hutton's (Hutton being our last name) very inventive I say!

So there was some happy times and some sad, but overall great game that has now lasted long into the afternoon.

I had a great shot where one hoop sat on top of the pole....I tried to claim it as a point but the family wouldn't hear of it.

We have left the scoreboard up as I am sure this game will go on during the holidays.

After such a jammed packed day I really couldn't be bothered cooking so Marion Grasby is here tonight doing the honors.

 Thanks Marion! It's time for a vino!

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