Thursday, 19 July 2012

The challenge is on!

I was out walking today when my brain started to do all this thinking.

I thought the following;

  • Why haven't I lost any weight, I did start this new diet on Monday and all!
  • Whoever told me to do 2 loads of washing everyday to stay on top of it was right.
  •  Wonder what was going on in my daughter's room last night, because I was not allowed in there for almost an hour.
  • Oprah has always said never go to a second location with someone trying to abduct you. Great piece of advice, no good is going to come from being dragged to a second location. Really scary thought actually.
  • Elle McPherson's skin is amazing I'm going to do better this summer with the sunscreen.
Some crazy stuff goes on in this head of mine.

Anyway, back to point one! Weightloss!

I have decided to do the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Challenge, with one small difference. Seeing I cant actually afford to officially sign up for it at the moment I am going to try and do it by myself. But from what I read, Michelle has been very inspiring.

Now I am thinking this has failure written all over, so don't feel bad if your thinking it!

I dusted off a couple of books, both by Janella Purcell.
Elixir and Eating for the Seasons - Cooking for health and happiness.

There is some great advice, tips and recipes in both books so I am going to give the 7 day meal plan in Elixir a big old go! Along with 30 min exercise each day.

For the first few days of this week I just ate super healthy, no bad snacks, lots of tea (no milk) and exercise. But now I am converting over to the "meal plan".

I know I should just start it on Monday but if I don't do it today that packet of Tim Tams are going to get smashed.

As I type I am eating my Organic Goat's Mil Yogurt as an afternoon snack and have already made Corn and Trout Fritters for dinner. Hubby will be rapt that he is having Porterhouse.

If you want to try them I changed up the recipe just a little as I didnt need to feed 4 and wanted to add a few other flavours.

Corn and Trout Fritters

2 Fillets of Trout
1 Corncob - kernels cut off
10 Green Beans - sliced thinly
1 Clove of Garlic - Grated
1/4C Beasan Flour
2 Organic Eggs
2Tbs Oil - Rice Bran
Zest and juice of 1/2 a lemon
Coriander to garnish
S&P to taste

With half the oil fry off your corn, beans and garlic, then set aside to cool down.

Pan fry or grill your fish, then flake into the corn mix.

In a mixing bowl add your eggs and flour and give a good mix. Then add the fish mix and zest/juice in your lemon and season to taste.

Now with a clean pan add your oil and spoon out the mixture. Do what ever size you want, just keep on a low heat or they will burn.

I got 9 fritters out of this amount of mix. And will be serving it with a side of stir fry veg.

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