Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Did you ever have Chow Mein growing up? It's making a comeback in our house!

I love a quickie mid week meal. When it only takes about 20-30 and its on the table its quick in my book.

The past few weeks I have been doing a mid week Chow Mein.

I'm not sure why, but it reminds me of a childhood meal we would of had on the "off pay weeks". I don't know if anyone else can relate to that?

But I remember I liked it. It had a unique flavour and seemed to have a lot of veggie hidden in it.

So the past few weeks I have pretty much used whatever veg I had in the fridge and whatever rice, noodles or pasta was in the cupboard.

I am sure this is by now way a traditional Chow Mein.But everyone on our house seems to love it! There is never any left on the plates and what ever is left in the pot always goes the next day for school/work lunch.

I LOVE those kind of meals!

So this in tonight's version.

NKS Chow Mein

500g Mince (I use free range Pork or Chicken)
1 Carrot - Sliced
1/2 Large Zucchini - Sliced
1/2C Corn
1/2C Peas
1/4 of a Cabbage
Up to 2C Chicken Stock
2Tsp Good old Curry Powder
Handful of Wholemeal Spaghetti broken up into 2cm pieces

In a deep fry pan first cook your mince off, drain and set aside. Wipe out pan and add a tiny bit of oil, then throw in all the veg and cook off for only about a minute. Add back in the mince, pasta and the stock (the stock needs to just come to the top of the mix, depending on what veg and pasta/rice you have used you might not need 2 cups).
Simmer away for about 15min or until pasta is cooked. If you think there is too much liquid pour some off.
If your little ones don't like spices then serve there bowl up now then add your curry powder.

And that's it!
Start's like this.

Then looks likes this!

Ends like this! Happy Mum when her bowl is this empty.

Tonight's was yummy....but I think my favourite is when I make it with rice noodles. I just cook them separate and add in last.

Let me know if you do Chow Mein in your house and how you do it!

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