Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The food choice's the kids make.

Yesterday was a full on day, from sunrise to sunset.

I am really tired and grumpy at the moment too.I think the past 9 months have started to catch up with me and I really just need some sleep!!

So we found a lump at the back of Baby O's head, this sent us into a bit of panic as Daughter E had to have a cyst removed from her neck last year.

So hubby came home early so we could go to the doctor and get bub's checked out. This was right after school, so had to race around and bundle everyone in car in record time to make our appointment.

Daughter E, as always was STARVING after school so I told her to quickly grab something for in the car. Well, seeing I was not there to supervise the choices she picked crap!

I usually have a snack waiting for her when she gets home, cos I know she will be hungry and I want her to have some thing half healthy as sometimes this becomes dinner (as she is full by dinner time then will have a snack just before bed).

Just as I thought, all the sugary/salty shit she had ingested turned her into a little monster and very emotional. I also think the emotional out pouring is tiredness also. Its the last week of term and this is just what happens.

So today I got a cooking again so there is something yum waiting for her.

I had some random bits of veg in the fridge so I used them to make some pasty things.

Pasty Things

1 Potato - Diced very small
1 Carrot - Grated
1 small piece of Pumpkin - Grated
1/4C Peas
1 Boiled Egg - Diced (optional, had one in the fridge)
A splash of Veg Stock
1/2 Handful of grated Parmesan
3 Sheets of Puff Pastry
1 Egg - for egg wash
1Tbs Oil

So chuck your diced potato and all other veg in an oiled fry pan to cook off. Add the stock and cheese also.Just check your potato's and when they are soft pop in the egg and its ready!
Now it's up to you how you want to make these. I did a few triangle looking things, then some shapes with cookie cutters and then a sausage roll. Jsut brush any edges with egg and also the tops when they are about to go in the oven.
They took about 12-15min in a 180oven.

I know she loves these little things, so I will be happy for her to eat them all!

Oh also Baby O is fine!!! Phew! It is just a gland - apparently we all have them.

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