Thursday, 20 September 2012

Losing a family pet is just so sad.

My poor sister had to put her beloved dog, Meeko down last night.

Meeko has been in the family for 15 years and known by so many people.

Pets have this way of worming there way into your hearts and life and then making it so hard to say goodbye to them.

This has been a tough time for my sister and her family, but it has also been very hard on my daughter.

To say she loved this dog would be an understatement!

I am not sure why, but they had a special little friendship.

My daughter has cried most of the night and I have just got back from dropping her at school where she is in tears again.

I was going to keep her home today but her teacher said they have Mass today and she would like the class to say a prayer for Meeko and that this might help her with the grieving process also.

I hope so! Poor little girl.

So lets all say a little something not only for my sisters dog, but any pets you have lost along the way.

They are special little creatures and this beautiful little dog will be missed forever.

Rest In Peace Meek's

*Thanks to my "friend" Tom for correcting my spelling mistake. You are a wanker!


  1. This just brought tears to my eyes Hayley! My fur-son Chief is almost 11 and I will be devastated when his time is up. I hope the school mass helped Emelia's grieving, so sad.

    On a much lighter note, can you please tell me what you are cooking this weekend? xox Emerald

    1. I know, it's just so sad :( Mass did help her though so that's a positive!
      Hmm...not sure what I'm cooking. I do have a nice big bit of Pork I need to cook. I will keep you posted :)