Thursday, 6 September 2012

Did you know Christmas is coming???

Last week when in Woolworths I noticed there area they have for theme events has started to change over to Christmas stock.

Can you believe it!?

What made me laugh is Little Miss E spotted it a mile away. She ran over all excited and wanted to buy almost everything on the shelf.

We are currently trialing a new way of I calmly said lets go to the next aisle. And we walked away...phew!

Today I was back there and saw they have expanded from 2 bays to 4.

Is this really Christmas coming?

Short answer..YES!

I actually don't know why I am even bothered by Woolies doing this because I had to go and see Santa's Little Helper's today and give them some cash (went and paid the Xmas lay by off).

So there you have it my friends..Christmas is coming.

Brace yourself.

Get the Kris Kringle list assembled and away we go!

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