Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bali 2012 - Part Two

Welcome back! Thanks for all your wonderful comments.

Here is the last installment of our trip.

Hope you enjoy!!


Had another sleep in…YAY!!! Did I mention I have a 10 month old who is still waking 4-6 times a night!!! So very happy for the sleep.

Anyways….off to breakfast then it was time to hit up Waterbomb Park.

Seriously love this place! We took Emelia there 2 years ago and really only got to sue the Kiddies Area and the Macaroni. Well this year she could go on just about anything and did! She is so daring and adventurous (which she does not get from me), it actually made me really proud. She kept up with my sisters 3 teenagers from 9am – 2pm.
Our Bale at Waterbomb - you must get one!
Me relaxing in the Bale, overlooking the pool bar.
Emelia and I on the Macaroni

So as all good mothers’ do, I left my daughter at Water bomb with my sister and went and had my massage my hubby had got for me. This was at the hotel, so nice and close, just a quick stroll back over the road.
My treatment was called the Tari Package it was amazing. First I got a hour long massage, then a wonderful body scrub complete with flower filled bath and finally a full facial. A total of 2.5hrs!!! Ahhh I feel relaxed again just thinking about it. After my treatment I went back and picked up the little one.

You would think that after a full on time at Water bomb she would be tired and ready for a nap..Um No! We headed back to the hotel where she jumped straight into the pool for another hour. After that we headed up to the room for a rest.
Finally out the pool for a minute to rehydrate!
We then did our traditional trip down to the beach bar for drinks, sunset and family time.
Another massage and another ice cream
Better do some beach shopping!
We ended up back at our hotel for dinner at The Boardwalk. This restaurant is wonderful most of the time and tonight was one of them. We had barramundi, 2 x white wine, 1 kids pasta, 1 x choc milkshake and 2 Free deserts (using the coupon book) 240Rp.
Emelia and her new friend (my cousins niece)
So after what felt like 2 days in 1 we headed up to bed early. Back in the room by 8.30pm and the little one was asleep in no time so I had a few quiet Bailey’s on the balcony….Bliss!

*Oh Day 5 envelope. There is a back story…
My hubby knows I always worry about money and even about being on this trip as our finances are not the best at the moment. So on day 5 I opened the envelope to find a really funky pink wallet with a photo of Baby O and a note saying….”I know you worry about money and I don’t want it to stop you from enjoying your trip” The wallet had 3Million Rupiah in it!!! Jeeezuuus!!! 


Had a really bad sleep last night, not sure what it was…maybe guilt!

But anyway off to breakfast. 

This morning Emelia’s little friend showed her where she could buy fish food to feed all the beautiful fish in the ponds. She filled them up as much as us before we headed off to Matahari to get some supplies.

We ran into my sister and niece and all went together. I love all the different things you can get in other countries. So I did a bit of a buy up on snacks, drinks, cheese and fabric softener. I ended up coming home with 48 sachets of the stuff.  Some people call it strange, I say it help’s with the Bali blues when your home.

We head back to the hotel drop off our stuff then get a driver from the hotel and head to the Surf Outlets.

Now my hubby has just bought some shares in Billabong so I strict instruction to only buy the real stuff. So he got all his presents from here pretty much (which he loved). After about an hour of shopping we head back to the hotel.
Love that we could get in and out and be back by lunchtime and the rest of the day to do whatever.

And we didn’t do much….we went down the beach where Harry (one of the beach bar guys) ordered us some lunch that got delivered to our seat at the beach. We had a Nasi and a Mee Goreng 40Rp for both! 

We then swam in the ocean (I don’t think there is anything better) had a couple drinks then went back to the hotel for a swim in the pool and some more cold drinks!
Emelia and her cousin going for a boogie board.
Emelia taking a photo of her Aunty (my sister)
 That night Emelia and I just went outside the hotel to one of its restaurants, Batan Waru we ordered 3 tasting plates – Lumpia, Calamari and Seafood Wontons. I had a Lychee Martini and Emelia a Shirley Temple. We then went all out and had dessert, I have always wanted to try the Black Rice and they had it…yay!!! So glad I ordered it this was amazing. Would love to try and make it here, just need to find some black rice! Can’t remember how much…sorry.

Then back off to hotel to have a semi early night as we were going to Safari tomorrow.

DAY 7 

We got up nice and early and had a big breakfast, fed the fish (5,000Rp for a bag of food) then met my sister and niece and headed to the lobby to wait for our driver.

As all drivers do, he said he could get us a good price on the Safari Park as we wanted to include an Elephant Ride. Well we were pretty happy with the price, not sure if everyone would agree. I paid $185A for 1 adult and 1 child, which included 2 photos, lunch and 15min Elephant Ride. 

We decided to not have the lunch as I wanted to show my sister and niece the Lion Restaurant, so we paid for our own lunch. I am glad we did as you don’t get to experience that kind of environment back home.

Overall everyone had a ball at the park. My daughter again was a lot more daring or more brave this time to interact with the animals. She just loves Elephants, so riding one was out of this world for her and feeding one just amazing.
Emelia and I
Us on Lina the lively elephant.
Emelia and I
Emelia and Shannyn feeding the elephant.
Giving him a little pat.
You also used the Waterpark and Funzone which we had not done previous trips. It was fantastic, again Emelia was a little daredevil going on bigger rides than I expected. But all good fun.
Little Emelia in the back!
Then they came flying down this thing...and did it again at least 6 times!    

So after a big day, we headed out for dinner at Victory Pub down Poppies 1. It was really nice, I only had chicken as I couldn’t find any Ribs on the menu – but my nephew’s dish came out – Bloody Ribs!!! Emelia had chicken also and I had a few bintangs. My lovely brother in law paid for this meal for us…Thanks John!

Emelia took this for us...bit blurry.

DAY 8 

It’s our last day in beautiful Bali, so sad! I did a lot of packing last night and was able to get check out moved from 10am to midday. This took some pressure off me as I was off to the Healer this morning.

So after breakfast we jumped in a taxi and I dropped Emelia at my sister’s hotel. She was going to have a play with the kids while my sister and I went for our “massage”. 

Now I have been going to the healer for many years, the place specializes in reflexology and there is nothing nice and relaxing about it. Well, you do feel amazing afterwards but they really get in to all your pressure points. They also do cupping which I love! All up for 1hr its only 150Rp.

The place is called De Chy and its down a side lane off Poppies 2 – here is some more info. If you would like any more info please let me know, I have their business card.

After the healer we walked back to my sisters hotel – Kuta Puri, I decided to leave Emelia there while I walked back to the hotel via picking up my washing (17,600Rp for 2 bags…amazing) and then checked out.
Checking out went smoothly, bags were kept in the lock up till 9.00pm as that’s when our driver was booked to take us to the airport (60,000Rp). 

I then went back to Kuta Puri and had a few Bintangs with my sister and her family, had some lunch and a great afternoon of just swimming in the pool and relaxing.
Kids having fun at Kuta Puri
Last swim Emelia!!

We did a little bit of shopping up Poppies 1 before going down the beach at 3.00pm to get Emelia’s hair and nails done again. Of course a few more Bintangs at the beach and one last sunset. 

Relaxed and taking it all in...Wonder what she was thinking!?
That night we headed to Swell Bar also in Poppies 1 for dinner. I finally got some ribs and a long island ice tea. Emelia has her last Satay, Chocolate Milkshake and scoop of ice cream..think this was around 170,000Rp all up.

Oh totally forgot to mention Kuta Karnival opening ceremony. We were so lucky to be down the beach to see it all. It was full of entertainment, excitement, colour and sounds. There were even 2 elephants that we went up and had a pat with. I have never seen so many people in Bali in general but this Karnival just packed out the beach even more, all the way up to Legian. My photo’s won’t do the crowd justice, but it was amazing to be a part of!

Elephants on the beach!

Amazing colours!

Huge parade. Oh and our friend Krisna


A little bit scary....

Elephants with either the king and queen or prince and princess of Kuta

End of the parade...till next year!

Emelia and I then walked back to the hotel taking in all of Bali before we head home. When we got back to the hotel we only had about 1.5hr till pick up, so we had a shower in the departure lounge and headed to the Boardwalk to watch the entertainment. Lola at the Beach Bar made me my final Lychee Martini, best I had all trip, and then it was time to go.

As I said before the airport has changed so much and you now have a bit of a walk to the terminal which is no biggie. They have trolleys for your luggage which was great and I popped Emelia in the top of them and off we walked. The biggest pain in the ass was the line up to get in the airport…over 45minutes we waited. Then once we were in and through the security scanner there was no one…crazy!!!

I vowed never to go to the Prada lounge again…but guess what…in we went. I was pretty tired by this stage and so was Emelia so it was purely the convenience that got us in. Oh well!!! 155,000Rp well spent? Hmmmm.

So that’s it my friends, we arrived back in rainy old Melbourne to 2 very handsome boys and life is back into full swing again.
These guys!

I just want to finish by saying a big thank you to my extended Perth family – you are wonderful people and thank you to your friends for including Emelia and I in your adventures. It was so great spending time with my sister, brother in law, niece and nephews.

And finally to Hubby D. You are the best!! And I owe you one BIG TIME….

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  2. I'm sorry - you lost me at SLEEP IN! I sat there daydreaming for half an hour.

    Bali looks so fun. Can't wait until the veggie babes are old enough to take :)

    1. Oh Stacey you and your family will love it.
      The thing I love most is you set your own pace. Last trip we went down to the pool at 9.00am and didn't leave till dinner time, cos that's what the kids wanted to do.
      Total Bliss!!!!