Thursday, 25 October 2012

The sun was shining.

On Tuesday the weather here was nice but strange.

There was some heat around but boy was it windy.

We took advantage of the wonderful change and played outside from the minute we got home from school till well past dinner time.

It was so nice and the weather reminded me of all the fun times we had in our very own backyard last year.

So now I am getting really excited about the up coming summer we are hopefully going to have.

I love cooking on the BBQ, sitting on the outdoor setting or even on the grass with the kids while sipping a wine or 2, playing games and even lighting the fire pit.

So come on weather, bring on the wonderful days and awesome nights.

Another thing that was awesome this week was my first attempt at the Balinese Black Rice Dessert.

It was not as good as the one I had at Batan Waru, but I think with a few more goes it will be up there. I had to stage it over 3 nights in the end and I think that was my down fall (it soaked too long).

But the family loved it and had it last night too.

So I looked around a lot of websites for a recipe and found this one at Yummy Supper. I didn't do the extra white rice and I didn't have any Palm Sugar (used organic raw sugar), so next time I will get the sugar she recommends and see how it is.

Overall though...happy days!

This is Emelia's little serve

I had to take the photo quick...she couldn't wait to eat it!


  1. Hi! glad you enjoyed our bubur. here is our actual recipe from Karen's (the owner) blog -

    let us know how it goes! post it to our FB page.

  2. Thank you Bali Good Food, so nice of you!!!

    Will let you know how my second attempt goes.

    Cheers - Hayley