Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Leaving on a jet plane.

Do you get pre holiday jitters?

I LOVE going away and love where we are headed to...but...I always get the jitters just before I leave.

So my jitters involve:
  • Thinking I have missed the flight because I got the days wrong.
  • Thinking I will loose our passports,  I have actually done this!
  • Thinking I should of arranged some sort of will...just in case.
Then I go into a bit of a emotional meltdown.

I know I am doing this because we are not all going away as a family this trip. It is just Daughter E and myself. Daddy has kindly offered to stay home with Baby O!! Which I think he is totally regretting now! And I feel shit about that...which gets me all teary again.

I have been cleaning like a mad person today and my house still looks like a tip!

I can feel my body slowly starting to give in to the weeks of not a lot of sleep (due to baby O). And the excitement that I want to have is just not there.

Maybe it will come in the morning?

I have asked hubby not to come into the airport and wait with us because I know I will totally loose my shit when it's time to board the flight.

So tonight I have decided early night for us all, only a few wines and a dinner that was pulled together out of all the left overs.

Prawny Special Fried Rice

500g Raw Prawns
1/2C Pea's
1 Carrot - thinly sliced
1/2 Leak - thinly sliced
1/2 Onion - small dice
Some Garlic & Ginger - grated
1 1/2C Cooked Rice
1 Egg
Splash of soy, fish sauce and kekup manis

So I cooked the prawns in a small fry pan in some oil and set aside.
Then got the wok out, little more oil and put all the other ingredients (except the egg and sauces) and cooked till it was tender.
I whisked the egg in a cup and then moved all the rice to one side on the wok and poured the egg in. Wait for about 20 seconds for it to start cooking, then scramble it up a bit and mix into the rice.
Chuck the prawns back in and add you sauces to taste...you really don't need all that much!

For a quick thrown together meal, it is tasty!

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