Monday, 22 October 2012

Our weekend! A little bit different....

Friday evening kicked off an interesting weekend for us.

It all started with Emelia closing her bedroom door which was locked from the inside.

I wasn't too stressed at the time as I had already had a couple wines, and I thought there must be a key somewhere.

By the time Hubby roll's in from work we are a little panicked as we had tried every key in the house and nothing had worked!

He, as always cool and calm, really wasn't too fussed and said worst case we need to get a locksmith. But I think it then got the better of him, cos out came a coat hanger a pair of pliers and way he went. He tried a few different tactics, I even had to go outside and tell him if he was close to the lock or not.

It really got quite fun! success.

So all weekend we had to make do with the clothes Emelia had on the outside of her room. Thank god we found bather's for Saturday's lesson as she was preparing to go in the water in shorts and a t shirt.

Emelia said it was a great weekend, she got to sleep on the fold out in the lounge room and pretty much had run of the TV, her DS and Ipad as everything else was in her bloody room.

This morning she went to school in half a uniform. She had to go in thick white winter sock's and a pair of silver party shoe's, which I think she was happy with. Lunch was in a paper bag and she will have to drink from the taps today.

After all the attempts of lock picking on Saturday I thought I would do us a nice dinner.

Hopefully you saw my Basil & Cashew Pesto I made? Well I thought that on some grilled Prawns would be lovely. And to accompany that a nice fresh green salad!

Have a look at my Rainbow Silver beet....this is from my garden, I have been very spoilt from the soils this year! After I took this I went and picked another bunch.
Silver beet and a little spinach in the background.

My delish salad, if I do say so myself.
Grilled Prawns, Salad, Tumeric potato's and Pesto!

 Silver beet Salad

2 Bunches of Silver beet - washed and torn up
1/2 Red Onion - finley diced
Big handful of Coriander - rough chop
1 Pear - cut into 1/4 and sliced
1/2 Lemon juice
Few splashes of Olive Oil

Put everything into a bowl and squeeze the lemon juice in and give a splash of the oil. Toss very gently so you don't break the pear up. Taste and see if you need anymore lemon or oil, S&P.

*For the Prawns - I took off there heads, kept the rest of the shell on and sliced them down the middle. Opened them up and cleaned out the poop trail. Then on my griddle pan, threw in some butter and grilled away. So simple!! Once cooked I put a nice bit of pesto on them and gobbled them up.

Whole family loved this meal, which makes me happy!!!!

Oh and if your wondering about the locked bedroom door..... Danny the locksmith is on his way!

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