Thursday, 18 October 2012

Here come the Bali blue's. Or is it something else?

I know this is a real condition that MANY get post there Bali holiday.

I honestly thought I would be fine this time, as it was a special trip that I wasn't even meant to have gone on.

But the last few days boy have I been down!

And I'm not actually missing Bali I am just missing something.

I am grumpy as all fuck with the poor kids and wonderful husband. I am, oh so tired and even feeling really faint.

I also have a truck load of stuff to do outside of normal mum stuff. This includes; spending all the schools money on resources via Woolworths Earn & Learn (note to self DO NOT volunteer for this next year), prep for an interview (that is actually tomorrow - FARK!), organise play date, find us a place to stay in Adelaide at Christmas time and somewhere find time to firstly feel all hot and sexy and then deliver that to wonderful hubby.

So I am not sure what is going on with me at the moment. I am all over the shop, no tears yet but still feeling crappy.

If you have any idea's of what is going on with me - please feel free to let me know!!

Anyway...yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. We don't celebrate these with anything really its just another day in our house. The most I do is cook the man one of his favourite meals.

As you know I am not the biggest fan of meat, but last night I did a Beef Pie and this seriously get's inhaled by hubby and the kids. That makes me happy.

In line with my simple home cooking, this really is a simple pie.

Beef Pie

500g Diced Beef
1 Carrot - chopped
2 Small Potatoes - medium dice
1/2C Peas
2 -3C Beef Stock
2 Small Cloves Garlic - crushed
1/2 Lrg Onion - chopped
Handful of herbs - from my garden thyme, sage and rosemary
1Tbs Kecup Manis
Some Flour
Knob of Butter
1 Sheet of Puff Pastry
1 Egg - for pastry

Ok...simply coat your beef in some flour and toss that into a pot that has your knob of butter melting away in it.
Cook the beef for a few minutes, then set aside. If you need add a little more butter and add in all you veg, garlic and herbs.
Let that cook down for about 5 min then add your stock. I then let this simmer away for about an hour with a lid on.
Once the meat is starting to fall apart I take the lid off and let the sauce reduce a little. I then taste for any seasoning's and add the kecup manis.
I then pre heat the oven to 180. Then I transfer the meat and veg to a pie dish, pop on the pastry give it a nice egg wash bath and pop in the oven.
Once the top is cooked your ready to eat - this can take approx 20min or you can tell by my photo the kids were getting hungry so I stoked up the grill part of the oven and it took a little less.
Trust me its yum! :)

One thing I hate about this dish is I can never get a nice photo, it always comes up looking bland. But TRUST me it is pretty tasty.

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