Friday, 19 October 2012

For the love of beer!

I saw on the news tonight that the beer VB has gone back to "full strength" due to the massive drop in sale's after they reduced the alcohol content.

Can I just mention that the original alcohol content was 4.9 and they dropped it to 4.6.

0.3% less.


Why would this cause so much angst among the people?

I'm a beer drinker and I couldn't care less or probably even notice 0.3% difference.

The other thing that made my stomach churn tonight watching this "breaking news" was the man "Brendon" who originally wrote to VB complaining about the beer.

Brendon is the size of a truck, he said being in the factory watch the new batch come down the line was as good as the birth of his children. Brendon was then taken to the pub to try the New Original strength beer, with Brendon being the size he is was in a massive sweat just lifting and drinking the pot/pint (depending where you live).

Seriously this almost made me sick!

We have so many issues with drinking, gambling (Oh sweet lord, don't get me started on all the gambling commercials) and obesity and to see this as prime time news was really sad.

I love a drink as much as the next person and I don't want to rag on people with weight issues...BUT...this was like a big joke to me.

Sorry but I just needed to get that off my chest!

Watch if you dare!

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